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Remote Access Capability and Fast Response Time

Years of Experience Behind us - Unmatched support

Photo Touch has more than 15 Years of Leadership in Technical Support in the Photographic Industry for both software and hardware. With this solid foundation, Photo Touch is fully committed to build upon experience to continue its Leadership Role as the finest Customer Support available.

SETUP - It's That Easy

From the minute you receive our system you will recognize that our support team will have created a customized installation for you that will allow you to set up and begin taking your photos almost immediately with minimal training.

For permanent locations we work with you to create a customized Installation & Training Video with materials for your specific facilities. This can then be sent out in advance via email to you and your management for review. When your new Photo Touch system arrives you will already be familiar with the system. For those who do not have the internet we will include an Installation & Training DVD along with hard copy support materials upon arrival of your new system.

Newest Technology - Riding on the edge

With the use of the newest technology Photo Touches technical support team will support you from 7AM to 12 Midnight 365 days out of the year Pacific Coast time.

We realize that customers can not wait while a system is down and that is why when you call we respond. Our team understands you need our help now. With that in mind our first job is to immediately get you back up and going and later go back and review what may have happened and how we can avoid a problem in the future.

Updates and Solutions made Easy

With our remote access capability we can update a graphic for your new event or access your equipment to help resolve a problem immediately with a simple call to our Toll Free support line. With very few exceptions most issues are solved within 15 minutes. If it is determined that there is an equipment failure we will immediately send out a replacement unit to get you back up and going with very little down time.

Photo Touch is committed to keeping your system running smoothly with the latest Celluar, Wireless, Computer and Printing technology and you can rest assured we will keep you on the edge of the newest and most reliable technology. We look forward to serving you.


PhotoTouch, Inc.
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