A Case Study on Santa / Christmas Events

Santa Photo Events

Custom Photography solutions for Santa events

The Partnership

Each Holiday season, PhotoTouch partners with Santa Photo Operations across the United States to capture the excitement and fun of guests visiting various Santa Photo locations. As seasonal locations, the PhotoTouch system helps to keep these Santa Photo operations alive in the mind of guests post-Holiday by creating a branded, photo memory of each visit.

How it Works

Custom PhotoTouch systems are implemented at each location to provide a way to photograph guests as they experience each Santa Photo Operation. While photo set ups vary from location to location, some including capturing video interactions, each solution allows guests to view and share a photo of themselves post-visit.

The Stats

  • Over 100 Santa Photo Operations use PhotoTouch and there have been over 10 Million photo memories with over 5 Million photo code uploads and over 2.5 Million photo code downloads.

Online Redemption & Sales

Using the PhotoTouch system, your guests are provided an opportunity to share and download purchased photos online or even purchase additional photos after the event.

Download and Share your Images

Sell your images after the event
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100 + Locations
100 + Locations
2,500,000 + Photo Downloads
2,500,000 + Downloads
5,000,000 + photo logins
5,000,000 + logins
10,000,000 + photo memories
10,000,000 + memories


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