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Tap into the power of Branded Photos!

You capture the memories, they share your brand.

We help take your brand or event to the next level!


Discover how our fully customizeable Photo Solution can take your Haunted Event or Escape Room to the next level

Branded Photo Advertising

What is branded photo advertising?
It’s a way to use photographs, typically of your customers, to encourage customer engagement and increase brand awareness.

The PhotoTouch system works by allowing a photo to be taken, either with a point-and-shoot camera or mobile device. Then, the photos are automatically branded with company branding, uploaded to a microsite that allows for social sharing, and can be printed on site so customers can leave with a hard copy of thier branded photo.

The beauty of photo advertising for a haunt businesses is that it offers a unique way to get customers interacting with you by offering something that everyone loves to share – a photo!

Our Products
Our unique photographic system can be customized to fit just about any haunted house or event.

Haunts Using the PhotoTouch System

We have helped generate millions of unique brand impressions through our fully customizable photo solution. The best part, your photo system can be used all year long to generate YOU revenue!

Tap into the Power of Branded Photo Advertising

The PhotoTouch System

The PhotoTouch system helps generate unique brand impressions and build buzz for top brands through our branded photo advertising system.

Capture Photos

You or Your staff captures photos of your customers.

Print On-Site

Branded photos print on-site for a personalized promotional or souvenir photograph.

Share Photos Online

Photos are uploaded to a branded micro-site for social sharing or purchase.

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The Full Picture

Our System is uniquely designed and highly customizable to develop engaging social experiences that grow your customer base while encouraging social media sharing and provide you with measurable results.

Acquire New Customers

Social Experiences

Mobile Friendly Platform

Measurable Results

You capture the memories, they share your brand.


We can help grow your company or event through our branded photography advertising system in three simple steps.

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