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Fun Brands

Each Holiday season, PhotoTouch partners with Santa Photo Operations across the globe to capture the excitement and fun of guests visiting various Santa Photo locations.

As seasonal locations, the PhotoTouch system helps to keep these Santa Photo operations alive in the mind of guests post-Holiday by creating a branded, photo memory of each visit.


Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands

Fun Brands


Amusematte is one of the United States leading Holiday Photographers.

Amusematte offers authentic Santa Claus and Easter Bunny turn-key photo experiences to help promote brands, attract new business, and drive sales for malls and corporations.

The PhotoTouch Photo Advertising Solution serves as the the backbone for their Photographic services. Offering an easy way to capture photos, print onsite, and offer an opportunity to purchase additional prints online.


Scene to Believe is one of Australia’s leading event photography and event services providers.

During the Christmas season, Scene to Believe is Australia’s leading provider of Santa event experiences and photographic services. Each year they have Santa events in over 180 shopping centers all across Australia and New Zealand.

Behind all of this is the PhotoTouch Photo advertising system that helps drive results and deliver an amazing product.


Many malls and events choose to participate in Easter Bunny Photo opportunities. Easter Photography adds a chance to help draw attention to your event or attraction. More than that, it helps share the world about your company by capturing customer's memories and allowing them to share those moments through both print and digital mediums.

The PhotoTouch Photo Advertising System is easy to setup, easy to use, and provides marketing and brand awareness for your business.


Custom PhotoTouch systems are implemented at each location to provide a way to photograph guests as they experience each Santa Photo Operation.

While the specific details of each setup varies from location to location, the PhotoTouch solution aims to provide a seamless journey for your customers.


You and your staff capture photos of your customers at your location or event.


Photos are automatically branded with your overlay and print onsite immediately.


Photos are uploaded to a branded microsite for social sharing or purchase.